CNC lathe

Wood lathe equipped with our [CNC upgrade kit] is effective for the production of a flexible range of products (switching to another product by replacing the control program), as well as with a large number of identical products such as balusters (high repeatability).

Brief features:
1) Work material: wood, MDF, gypsum and other materials that can be processed on conventional lathe wood type
2) Production of parts can be made either automatically (using G-code) and manually (with the joystick & two handles on the remote control, rotating which the operator can move the tool in two axises)
3) The circular cutter is fixed on the machine, which can significantly reduce the time to shaping the workpiece
4) The holder for cutting tools is fixed on the opposite side of the machine, which is carried out for finishing the workpiece. As incisors can use an ordinary hand tools for lathe wood;
5) The machine has the ability for making the parts “screw” and other complex surfaces. To this end, the software-driven rotating motor and the mill spindle are mounted on the machine.

The equipment includes:
1) ZX drive for precise movement of the tool
2) The support for the installation of the working tool. This can be a circular cutter spindle, rotating mill, general chisel, another special tool
3) Electrical cabinet with control panel
4) Personal computer with installed software

We undertake revision of your lathe to install upgrade kit, commissioning and training.

Cost of equipment – 11 000 EUR

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