Safety Charge Pump

Protection board SCP-01 uses Mach3 ability to send a signal of a certain frequency through the contact of parallel port when the system is under the control of the software (so-called signal “Charge Pump”).

CNC machines can be very dangerous if the program loses control of the system – the state of the outputs of LPT-port becomes uncertain, so the spindle or other mechanism can be turned on itself. Mach3 can be configured so that the program enables the 12.5 kHz signal at one output of LPT-port.

SCP-01 allows you to use this signal to work as a switch for the mechanisms of your system, which creates a powerful security system for your equipment. You can easily install the SCP-01 into the existing machine:

The board has 3 inputs:
1) Input “Charge Pump 12.5 kHz”;
2) Input “Output #1″;
3) Input “Output #2.”

The board has 3 outputs with normally closed and normally open contacts of the relay:
1) Output “system under the control of Mach”;
2) Output “Enable Output #1″;
3) Output “Enable Output #2″.

Using jumpers you can activate and deactivate operation of the relay “Output #1″ and “Output #2″ when the signal “Charge Pump 12.5 kHz” exists.
The board is powered by a 5V DC voltage and can be used with both the LPT-port 3.3V and 5V.