In the central part of Lviv, an appropriate premises for the performance have been found. The exposition consists of a pedestal with four columns of arches, between which there is a show-window and four armchairs around it. At the showcase under impact-resistant glass, a jewelry decoration is presented on a special stand.
Structurally, the showcase has a smaller lower part – a safe, and the upper part – in the form of a glass pyramid. Under the bottom and on the side walls of the safe mounted granite slabs.
In the lower part of the pyramid there is an electric round hatch. During the action at a certain moment the hatch opens and rises the pedestal with a jewelery, slowly rotating around the axis. Upon completion of the show, the decoration goes down and the hatch is securely closed. All automation and mechanisms of lifting and rotation of the stand, opening/closing the hatch are located in the safe.

Customer – “Pysanka” LLC